Customer service

FISCHER Customer Service is a central organisation based at company headquarters in the town of Gemmrigheim in the Neckar region of southern Germany.

All customer service activities are handled from our head office.

At FISCHER, customer service means a lot more than just supplying spare parts or carrying out repairs.

Customer service for us is about providing full and comprehensive service and fulfilling customer requirements in accordance with our high quality requirements.

Company headquarters in 74376 Gemmrigheim / Neckar also houses spare parts requirements planning, our central spare parts warehouse and all machine service / repair service facilities.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have concerning customer service.
Just give us a call on +49 7143 – 8 95 10 or send us an e-mail at


Repairs after warranty expiry

After your warranty period has expired, repairs and services will be provided by your supplier directly at your location.
This is the fastest way to do so without incurring additional costs.

On request, FISCHER will support its specialised partners with technical information and tips on repairs where required.

Only use original FISCHER spare parts for repairs.

FISCHER supplies the original spare parts required to ensure professional, high-quality repairs.
For ordering and delivery of spare parts, see “Spare parts”.
Only original FISCHER spare parts can guarantee flawless machine performance.



Spare parts

Original FISCHER spare parts guarantee the long-term performance of FISCHER machines.
We supply you with the right high-quality spare parts for your professional repairs.

Please always order the spare parts you require in writing, specifying both
the part and machine.

Ideally, include the spare part number or a photo with a detailed description.
This is the only way we can guarantee you prompt and, above all, correct deliveries.

Here you can order the spare parts you require using our form.